Temporary Works

The fact that sheet piling can be removed, salvaged and reused makes it a financially attractive option as the structures can be hired, reducing the time taken to stabilize the ground construction sites are due to stand on, at the same time ensuring workers have a more comfortable space to work in.
This kind of piling can be used for such applications as:

  • Containment structures for foundation excavations and pipe trenches
  • Sewer manholes
  • Pipe jacking pits
  • Road, river and rail culverts

Permanent Works

Sheet piling is used on an increasingly wide range of construction projects. It is gaining recognition as the best technological solution for soil-stabilization works, providing sturdy support in any work environment. When you come to Locapal, you are gaining one of the best partners anywhere in Italy for sheet piling projects, including the construction of permanent structures, such as:

  • Marine structures:
    Wharves, dry docks
  • River structures:
    Protection of banks, embankments, dykes, dams and locks
  • Road structures:
    Bridge piers, artificial tunnels and underpasses, stabilization measures, underground parking, noise barriers, protection of contaminated sites, landfill construction


One of the main services we offer our clients is full consulting on the best possible application of sheet piling, optimizing design lead time and actual time on site.


Locapal has always appreciated the need for construction firms to carry out their own work, which is why we give you the option of hiring sheet piling, shoring components (beams and tubes) and equipment.

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