Quality assurance is one of Locapal's primary objectives and, together with a consistently strong focus on our clients' requirements, is one of the strengths that sets us apart in the market. 

Having access to an extensive range of material means we can guarantee flexibility and immediate solutions, not just in driving the job to completion effectively and efficiently, but in responding promptly to changes that might come up while work is in progress.

Given the nature of the work and the structural and work site conditions, the equipment used is prone to rapid wear, which is why we have numerous backup units so that we can keep things running on site, even under critical conditions. 

  • OG1 - Residential, Commercial and Industrial buildings
  • OG3 - Roads, highways, bridges, viaducts, railways, underground railways
  • OG7 - Marine structures and dredging
  • OG8 - River, flood protection, water control and remediation works
  • OS21 - Special structural works

SOA 2021-01-11 Esna Soa-1
ISO Attestato SGS scad 12-06-2023